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Organic acids

Acetic acid
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Acetic acid (ethanoic acid) Acetic acid - represents liquid, sourish on taste, with specific pungent smell, not having color. Acetic acid belongs to weak limit, monobasic carboxylic acid. Ethanoic acid is hygroscopic. It is perfectly dissolved in water. Rather well mixes up with any solvents....
Group: Acetic acid glacial
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Formic acid
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Formic acid GOST 5848-73 Formic acid (methanoic acid) - under normal conditions represents colorless liquid. Chemical formula: HCOOH. Formic acid - saturated monobasic carboxylic acid. Acid is soluble in acetone, benzene, glycerin, toluene, mixes up with water, diethyl ether, ethanol. Salts...
Group: Formic acid
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