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Nutrient additives

Edible gelatin
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70 UAH
Gelatinpresents itself the firm crushed proteinaceous product in the form of granules, grains or powder of light yellow color, flavourless and taste, it is many times heavier than water. Has property to inflate in cold water, and in warm to be dissolved. Possesses big zheliruyushchy ability and...
Group: Gelatine
Potassium sorbate
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POTASSIUM SORBATE (SORBINOVOKISLY POTASSIUM, POTASSIUM SALT OF SORBIC ACID)Potassium sorbate(potassium sorbinovokisly, potassium salt of sorbic acid) - powder of white color or almost flavourless granule, neutral taste is. Sorbate of potassium is food supplement, preservative (E202) which actively...
Group: Sorbate of potassium
Sorbic acid
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Sorbic acid Historical information Sorbic acid is for the first time received by Hoffman in 1859 from mountain ash juice. Its antimicrobic action was revealed in 1939 Müller (Germany) and is independent, several months later, Gooding (USA). Industrial production of sorbic acid has begun in the...
Group: Food acids
Citric acid
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Citric acid Description of citric acidCitric acid has appearance of white crystal powder. Acid is well dissolved in water and alcohol, has no smell, toothsome. For use in different industries let out citric acid of different extent of cleaning.Use of citric acidCitric acid has found big...
Group: Food acids
Potato starch
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13.5 UAH
Potato starch is no other than loose powder of white color (sometimes with yellowish shade) which is received from potato tubers. In general, starch is carried to complex carbohydrates which is well acquired by human body and is present at vegetables and fruit, bean and cereal, and also nuts....
Group: Starch


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