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KU cation exchanger - 2 8
  • KU cation exchanger - 2 8

KU cation exchanger - 2 8

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represents small granules (about 1 mm in the diameter) from light yellow till dark brown color. It is monofunctional highly acid ion exchange resin with gel structure, high-molecular polymer substance. Styrene copolymer and divinyl benzene. Contains one type of the fixed ions - the sulfonate groups attached to aromatic rings. The main characteristic of cation exchangers is presence at structure of acid groups which hydrogen can exchange on ions of the metals which are available in solution.
Differs in mechanical strength, osmotic stability and high chemical resistance to influence of alkalis, acids, oxidizers. It is water-insoluble also organic solvents. Not fusible, nonflammable, inexplosive, nontoxic, does not contain radioactive and ozonosoderzhashchy materials. It is steady against action high (110-120 °C) temperatures. Its exchange capacity depends from rn Wednesdays a little.

characteristics of state standard specification 20298-74 KU-2-8 cation exchanger.

Name of indicator Norm
Premium First grade
Appearance Grains from light yellow till dark brown color
Particle size distribution:
a) grains size, mm
b) maintenance of working fraction, %, not less
c) effective grains size, mm, no more
d) uniformity coefficient, no more

0,315 - 1,25
0,4 - 0,55

0,315 - 1,25
0,35 - 0,55
Mass fraction of moisture, %, no more 48 - 58 48 - 58
Specific volume, cm ³/g, in the N-form, no more 2,8 2,8
Unformatted static exchange capacity, mmol/cm ³ (mg-ekv/cm ³), not less 1,8 1,8
Dynamic exchange capacity of mol/m ³ (g-ekv/m ³) not less:
with complete regeneration of ionite
with the set consumption of rubber reclaiming agent


Osmotic stability, %, not less 94,5 85

Packaging, transportation and storage.
Cation exchangers pack into plastic bags in accordance with GOST 17811 bags enclosed in lno-dzhuto-kenafnye in accordance with GOST 30090 or into bags from vinyl artificial leather. The mass of cation exchanger in bag should not exceed 50 kg. Cation exchanger packing is allowed: in the polyethylene barrels, cans, flasks ensuring safety of products which lombirut.
Cation exchangers transport in the covered vehicles. At temperature below 0 °C cation exchangers, transport in the heated transport according to the rules of transportation of goods existing on this type of transport. In coordination with the consumer transportation of cation exchangers by any kind of transport without heating is allowed. At temperature above 0 °C it is allowed to transport the cation exchangers packed into containers on open rolling stock.
It is not allowed to transport the cation exchangers packed into bags together with aniopita and with aggressive substances.
Cation exchangers store in packed form in pure and dry warehouse at temperature not less than 1 m from heating devices are not lower plus 2 °C at distance.
Warranty period of storage of cation exchangers - 12 months from the date of production.

Information is up-to-date: 11.03.2021

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