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History of Enterprise Ukrtorgsyre, OOO

Trade in chemical production in the market of Ukraine, the FSU and beyond. LLC Ukrtorgsyrye professionally is engaged in sales in the market of Ukraine for paint and varnish, chemical, industrial, food, agrarian, metallurgical, ship-building ship-repair, oil and gas branch, energy industry, construction, in road branch.

wholesale trade in chemical production.

chloric lime

azotistokisly sodium Styrene

nitrate ammonium vys. grade
nitrate potassium
nitrate calcium
nitrate magnesium
nitrate sodium
anhydride chromic
aidrokhlorid sodium brand A (filling)
glycerin (face. 12,5kg.)
isopropyl alcohol
potassium monophosphate
calcium chloride, granules. (Romania)
calcium chloride food, granules.
calcium carbide (Kazakhstan, Russia, Ukraine, China, Slovakia) packing 2-120
the karbyurizator is charcoal
nitric acid
acid lemon with delivery.
acid of orthophosphoric food 85%
vitriol copper
salt Mora
nadsernokisly ammonium
oleic acid of those. (filling)
oleic acid of those.
peroxide of hydrogen of 35% (flank)
peroxide of hydrogen of 35% (canister)
peroxide of hydrogen of 35% (cube)
peroxide of hydrogen of 60% (flank)
peroxide of hydrogen of 60% (cube)
peroxide of hydrogen of 60% (filling)
sulfate potassium
sulfate magnesium 7 (water)
the soda calcinated GOST 5100-85
the caustic soda, granules. (Poland)
the caustic soda, scales. (Volgograd)
baking soda
the salt tableted
salt 1y grinding
salt 3y grinding
salt ugleammoniyny
chloric lime 1 grade
chloric lime 3 grade (Volgograd)
saltpeter potassium (Ukraine)
saltpeter sodium (Ukraine)
salt Extra
Poland starch
tetrachloroethylene (China)



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