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He purified oil deodorized
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He purified oil deodorized

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Botanical name: Helianthus annuus L.
Synonyms: Sunflower Oil, Helianthus annuus L., OLEUM HELIANTHI
Family: Thistle family (Compositae/Asteraceae)
Note: Now there are oils which receive from plant hybrids. Such oils contain very high percent of olein (oleic) acid twice more steadily.
Color: Yellow or greenish. Oil of hot pressing has rich golden-yellow color and characteristic smack of fried seed (edible grades).
Cold-press oil is more weakly painted and has smaller smell.
Not purified oil of the premiums is suitable for the medical purposes. It has color from light yellow to yellow, slight peculiar smell, pleasant flavor.
Aroma: Light
Receiving method: Pressing is hotter or cold of the brought-down seeds.
The used part of plant: Seeds. Seeds of sunflower contain about 35% of greasy oil.
Area of growth:
Other types:
Characteristic: Availability of deposit in sunflower oil not always testifies to its poor quality. The deposit is formed at the expense of biologically active phosphatides which are in oil. For the same reason not purified vegetable oil for dietary food is frequent more preferably than refined.

Physical and chemical properties of not purified oil:
Density at 10 °C 920 — 927 kg/m3;
Solidifying point from — 16 to — 19 °C;
Kinematic viscosity at 20 °C 60,6·10-6 sq.m/sec.;
Iodine value 119 — 136;

Chemical composition: The composition of oil substantially depends on climate and conditions of cultivation. Content of linolic acid correlates in inverse proportion to temperature during maturing. Content of phosphatides, tokoferol and vosk depends on way of extraction and processing of oil, changing over a wide range.
Contain in oil: olein and linoleic acids, glycerides of palmitic, stearin, arachidonic, lignoceric, olein and linoleic acids, vitamins A, B, D, E, minerals, lecithin, inulin (inulin).
- to 19,1% of protein
- 26,5% of carbohydrates
- about 2% of phytin
- 1,5% of tannins

Zhirnokislotny structure:
Linolic acid - 46-62%;
Oleic acid - 24-40%;
Palmitic acid - 3,5 — 6,4%;
Stearin - 1,6 — 4,6%;
Linolenic - to 1%;
Arachidic - 0,7 — 0,9%;
Myristic - to 0,1%

Cosmetic action:
Humidifies and softens dry skin. To apply on skin by means of wadded tampon. Possesses the properties good moistening, regenerating, plasticizing.

- As prevention on care of any type of skin.
- is suitable for care of dirty and fat skin;
- it is applied as basis for preparation of oil solutions of plasters and ointments;
- promotes epithelization of wounds;
- are used at treatment of thrombophlebitis, toothache, chronic diseases of stomach, intestines, liver, lungs

Sports application:

Other application: It is used in cosmetic, pharmaceutical industry. From sunflower oil make margarine and cooking fats (by hydrogenation). Sunflower oil is applied at production of canned food, and also in soap manufacture and paint and varnish industry.

Application techniques:
Only as additive - 10%. In pure form, as basic it is not recommended to use.
There are sunflower grades which of seeds receive oil with the high content of oleic acid (to 57,7%) and palmitic (to 27,8%), and linoleic only 2,3%. Such oil more termostabilno is also recommended for frying of foodstuff.

Sunflower oil is effective remedy for treatment of the withering and dry skin. It is applied in the form of warm oil compresses, at the same time it is recommended to use not purified oil. Besides sunflower oil is used for preparation of different nutritive creams as ointment basis.
At the increased greasiness of the head slightly warmed up crude sunflower oil is rubbed in head skin in 1-2 hours prior to washing. After rubbing in of oil the warm compress becomes. Such procedure promotes reduction of dandruff, itch, greasiness of skin and hair. Procedures repeat 1-2 times a week before receiving desirable effect.
For treatment of cracks on lips, brushes and feet they are greased by 2-3 times a day with the mix prepared from 100 g of sunflower oil and 1 bottle of oil solution of vitamin A. These greasings are effective also at the dry, angry, shelled skin.
Infusion from petals of sunflower is used for giving to hair of fair-haired shade. For this purpose 2 tablespoons of dry petals are made 1,5 glasses of boiled water and insisted 2 hours. After filtering broth is used for rinsing of clean hair.
Type of vegetable oil:Sunflower
Type of treatment:Refined
Information is up-to-date: 11.03.2021

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