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Double superphosphate
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Double superphosphate

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The double ammoniated granulated superphosphate of N:P (S) brand 10:32 (20).
The superphosphate ammoniated - the compound granulated nitrogen-phosphorus mineral (NP) fertilizer containing phosphorus, nitrogen, calcium and sulfur in assimilable form, and also microelements: boron, zinc, copper, manganese, iron, molybdenum. Fertilizer superphosphate is applied to the main introduction - before carrying out sowing works, along with crops and as top-dressing under all vegetable cultures on any kinds of soils. Superphosphate is especially effective on alkaline and neutral soils. In acid soil phosphoric acid of fertilizer turns in hardly accessible to plants aluminum phosphates and gland. In this case effect of superphosphate increases at its mixing before introduction with phosphorite meal, limestone, chalk, humus at application on the limed fields. The granulated superphosphate, in difference from powder, does not slezhivatsya and does not stick together. The granulated superphosphate can be brought in soil grain drills. If fertilizer superphosphate is introduced as the main introduction, before sowing of the grown-up culture, then the preparation should be closed up under plow, maintaining depth of sowing of seeds as the granulated superphosphate is not washed away by rainfall, more deeply the mark of the initial backlog does not fall. The placement of granules on surfaces of the soil will not yield necessary results - it has to contact to root system of the cultivated culture with it in close proximity. The most rational way of introduction of fertilizer superphosphate - ryadkovy together with crops of grains, disembarkation of root crops. In this case the amount of the spent fertilizer decreases three times at invariable result. Superphosphate is non-toxical, fire and explosion-proof.

The double ammoniated superphosphate of N:P (S) brand 10:32 (20) Superphosphate is the universal concentrated granulated complex nitrogen-phosphorus fertilizer without foreign impurity, is white — gray color. Fertilizer superfofsfat does not slezhivatsya, 100% possess friability, it is not hygroscopic, has the leveled particle size distribution, does not raise dust. Double superphosphate - Physiologically subacidic fertilizer.
Engineering characteristics:
Nitrogen, N, % 10
Phosphorus, P205, % 32
Sulfur, SO3, % 20
Calcium, SAO, % 14
Magnesium, Mg, % 0,5
Friability, % 100
Method of application:
Fertilizer superphosphate is applied on all views of soils and under all crops to the main, preseeding and bed entering into rows at crops.
The superphosphate ammoniated is applied in the conditions of sheltered ground together with nitrogen and potassium fertilizers. Thanks to physiological acidity, fertilizer well proved superphosphate on the soils saturated with the bases (chernozems, chestnut).
Availability in double superphosphate along with nitrogen and phosphorus of calcium, the sulfur and magnesium necessary for normal development of plants.
The best solubility of phosphorus in comparison with ammophos, all phosphorus it is provided by water-soluble form.
Good commodity properties of superphosphate when using for fertilizer mixing.
Special characteristics:
Calcium which compounds are used for elimination of alkalinity and salinity of soils is part of the double ammoniated superphosphate, especially on soils with high concentration of sodium which ions are forced out from soil structures by calcium ions, soil alkalinity decreases and its water permeability is recovered.
Sulfur is part of the double ammoniated superphosphate. It is established that sulfur promotes delay of oxidation process in plants and strengthens restoration process. At the same time resilience of plants increases, for example, at oil-bearing crops — fat content in seeds increases, at grain — grain protein content increases that improves its quality. At rather low level of nitrogen nutrition effect of sulfur in the most part positive due to increase of intake of phosphorus in plant.
Positive influence of sulfur often remains unnoticed as it substantially influences not harvest size, and its quality. Besides, external manifestation of sulfuric starvation of plants usually masks almost full similarity to signs of lack of nitrogen nutrition. It is connected with the fact that nitrogen and sulfur have the common similar features in metabolism of plants.
The basic reasons forcing to pay in recent years special attention to sulfur for the purpose of improvement of quality of grain are implementation in agriculture of ballastless, high-concentrated fertilizers and, as a rule, preferential use of the nitrogen fertilizers directed first of all to yield increase.
Due to the reduction of use of simple phosphoric fertilizers in different edaphic-climatic zones there is problem of lack of sulfur content. This problem is especially actual on soils with significant amount of organic substance and slow rates of its mineralization, and also on soils in which the content of organic substance (the main supplier of available forms of sulfur) is small.
Storage and transportation.
The double ammoniated superphosphate is not toxic, the fire and is explosion-proof. Is issued in packed form in bags on 50 kg and soft containers (big-beg) to 0,8 t or unpacked (in bulk).
Superphosphate is stored in warehouse of the closed type. It is transported by all means of transport in the covered vehicles according to the rules of transportation of goods existing on this type of transport.
Double superphosphate will be subjected to surface treatment the removing dust and protivoslezhivayushchy substance.
The double ammoniated superphosphate 10:32 (20) +
• The concentrated nitrogen-phosphorus fertilizer
• Contains:
• phosphorus in water-soluble form
• nitrogen in ammonium form (the nitrate form is absent)
• additional nutrients: sulfur, calcium and magnesium
• Good physical and chemical and mechanical properties
• It is well soluble in water
• Physiologically subacidic
• Positive influence of sulfur on quality of grain, calcium on quality of the soil.
Information is up-to-date: 11.03.2021

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