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Copper vitriol, cuprous sulfate
  • Copper vitriol, cuprous sulfate

Copper vitriol, cuprous sulfate

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- transparent hydroscopic crystals of triclinic form, bright blue color. Is blue pentahydrate of copper sulfate (II). It is well dissolved in water, concentrated solutions of hydrochloric acid, the diluted alcohol, badly we will dissolve in ethanol. On air gradually disappears (loses crystal water). Has nauseous and metal taste.
Density: 2,284 g/cm ³. Melting temperature: 1100 °C.

In the nature the copper vitriol can meet in the form of minerals: halkokianit, chalcanthite, butit, etc.
The industry receives copper vitriol dissolution of copper in heated diluted sulphuric acid at blowing off of air or as by-product of electrolytic copper refining.

Chemical formula: CuSO45H2O.

Generally it is used for receiving different compounds of copper including copper hydroxide.
Also it is used in laboratories for dehydration of alcohols, applied at production of mineral varnishes and paints, acetate cellulose fiber.
The copper vitriol is applied when receiving mineral colors, wood impregnation.
In agriculture it is used in the different purposes.
The most important, is the oldest and most effective fungicide which is intended for spraying of fruit-berry decorative trees and bushes from scab, moniliasis, antraknoz and other diseases in the early spring before blooming of kidneys, and also for disinfection of wounds at fruit. And in solutions of copper vitriol pickle seeds before crops for destruction dispute of mold mushrooms on seeds. It can be used as means of scaring away of hares.
The copper vitriol has achieved great success also in construction, preventing rotting of wooden constructions. Well deletes from rust spot surface after leakages and release of salts on concrete surfaces.
Also it is applied to enrichment of ore at flotation, in production of bilateral printed circuit boards, in processes of galvanic and chemical coppering.
In the food industry the copper vitriol (food additive of E519), preservative and emulsifier, use as the paint fixer.
It is applied in galvanics at covering of metal products by copper.

Physical and chemical indicators of copper vitriol of brands A and B (State standard specifications 19347-99) and vitriol of copper finely divided (TU 2141-100-00194429-2003)
Name of indicator Norm for brand and grade
Brand A Brand B Vitriol copper finely divided *
Premium First grade Premium First grade Second grade
Mass fraction of copper vitriol, %:
in terms of CuSO45H2O, not less
in terms of copper, not less






Mass fraction of iron, no more 0,02 0,04 0,04 0,05 0,1 0,04
Mass fraction of free sulphuric acid, no more 0,20 0,25 0,20 0,25 0,25 0,25
Mass fraction of the water-insoluble rest, no more 0,03 0,05 0,05 0,05 0,1 1,05
Mass fraction of arsenic, no more 0,002 0,012 0,012 0,012 0,028 0,012
Note: * - in finely divided copper vitriol the maintenance of fraction more small than 0,63 mm not less than 95%.

Safety requirements of copper vitriol of GOST 19347-99
The copper vitriol negoryuch, is fire and explosion-proof, on extent of impact on organism belongs to substances of the 2nd class of danger. Maximum allowable concentration of dust of copper vitriol in terms of copper in air of working zone of production rooms - 0,5 mg/m ³.

Toxicity degree 3
Main properties and types of danger
Main properties Crystal powder of blue color. It is hygroscopic.
Vzryvo-and fire danger The copper vitriol negoryuch, is fire and explosion-proof. When heating can decay with formation of toxic gases. Tanks can blow up when heating.
Rooms have to be equipped with ventilation.
Danger to the person Getting to human body, causes gastrointestinal frustration.
It is dangerous at inhalation, proglatyvaniye, hit in eyes. Cough, irritation in throat, the complicated breath, heartbeat, in hard cases - loss of consciousness. Belly-aches, nausea, vomiting, reddening of skin, pain, hypostasis, redness, dacryagogue.
At the fire burns are possible. At contact with hot products it is possible thermal ozheg.
Means of individual protection Protective general L-1 or L-2 suit complete with industrial gas mask with cartridges And, Century.
Maslobenzostoyky gloves, overalls, special footwear, means of protection, respirator "Petal" or wadded and gauze bandage.
At ignition - fireproof suit.
Necessary actions in emergencies
General character To take away the car to the safe place. To isolate dangerous zone in radius not less than 50 m. To modify the specified distance by results of chemical investigation. To remove strangers. To enter dangerous zone in protective agents.
To observe measures of fire safety. Not to smoke! To eliminate sources of fire and sparks.
Injured to give first aid.
At leak, flood and scattering To report in TsSEN. Not to touch prosypanny substance. To protect with Prosypaniya with earth shaft, to fill up with inert material, to collect in capacity. Not to allow hit of substance in reservoirs, cellars, the sewerage.
At the fire To cause fire crew.
The recommended means of suppression - water, foam fire extinguishers and sand.
Neutralization To fill up with sand or other inert material. To call specialists for neutralization.
Measures of first aid To call the ambulance. Fresh air, heat, rest, clean clothes. And mucous to wash out skin water.

Packaging, transportation and storage.
The copper vitriol for the industry is packed by wooden barrels, plywood drums, wooden or plywood boxes with inserts from polyethylene film, into the multilayer paper, laminated, plastic or polypropylene woven bags with inserts from polyethylene film, weighing no more than 50 kg or 25 kg (TU 2297-149-00194429-01). It is allowed to pack product into soft "big-bag" containers on 1000 kg and 1250 kg.
The copper vitriol is transported by rail in the covered vehicles according to rules of transportation of goods, the motor transport according to the rules of transportations of dangerous loads existing on the motor transport, water transport - with placement of containers on the deck or in undecked ships. The product packed into specialized metal containers is transported by rail in gondola cars or the motor transport. Transportation of the packed product is carried out small car sendings.
The copper vitriol packed into barrels, drums, boxes and bags is stored in the closed warehouse; packed into containers - on container platforms. To protect from moisture.
Warranty period of storage - two years from the date of production.

Information is up-to-date: 11.03.2021

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