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Aluminum PAP-1, PAP-2 powder
  • Aluminum PAP-1, PAP-2 powder
  • Aluminum PAP-1, PAP-2 powder

Aluminum PAP-1, PAP-2 powder

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Aluminum powders represent the product of silver-gray color with metal gloss which is not containing foreign particulates.

Use of aluminum powders in different industries.
1. Ore mining industry.
Aluminum powders as high-energy additives are a part of many industrial explosive substances (ES) which are applied in the mineral industry - ammonals, rocky ammonites, detonit, alumotrinitrotoluene. At the same time warmth of explosive transformation of VV and indicators of their working capacity significantly increases.
2. Ferrous metallurgy.
In ferrous metallurgy aluminum powders (granules) are applied as a reducer. The additive of 0,1-1,5% of an aluminum krupka to smelted iron completely exempts it from protoxide and by that provides dense casting without sinks. Aluminum powders are used for heating of a shrink head of an ingot at ferrous metal casting. Around a pouring opening and profit fill mix from oxides and aluminum powders which "is lit" from fusion and, burning down, long time supports cast metal in a liquid state. It allows during the hardening of casting and reduction at the same time of the volume of metal to add a form and to avoid thereby formation of pipes in castings. By production of ferroalloys aluminothermic recovery of oxides of refractory metals is widely used. Thus receive ferro-molybdenum, ferronioby, ferro-tungsten, etc., at the same time usually use powders fineness from 5 to 300 microns. World distribution was gained by the thermite mixes Fe2O3 - Al. Stoichiometrical mix of 75% Fe2O3 + 25% of Al gives firing temperature about 2500 °C. Powder represents the product of silver-gray color which is not containing visible to a naked eye foreign impurity.

Aluminum PAP-1 powder is delivered in metal drums from 22-36 kg net.
Use of aluminum powder in different industries.
1. Paint and varnish industry.
Paint and varnish industry acts as the main consumer of such chemical products as aluminum powder. Aluminum powder is used as a krshchy and protective pigment which is added to composition of paints, enamels, and also varnishes, thereby betraying paint a silvery shade, and protecting them from the vozdeystviyokruzhayushchy environment. Aluminum powder is widely used as a filler in plastics on the basis of pitches, and is also added to plastic, to composition of rubber etc.
2. Building industry.
Aluminum powder is applied in building industry as the blowing agent by production of cellular concretes. Wide use of cellular concretes is caused by their ease, high thermo — and sound-proof ability at the good durability.
3. Ceramics.
Aluminum powder is used at production of ceramic parts, for reduction of wear of compression molds (an obvolakivaniye of granules a press — powder by powder particles).
Aluminum particles in powder have the lamellar form and are covered with a thin oxide and fatty film. Powder represents the easily smeared product of silver-gray color which is not containing visible to a naked eye foreign impurity. The bulk density of powder makes about 0,15-0,30 g/cm ³, the content of active aluminum — 85-93%. Average thickness of lobes makes about 0,25-0,50 microns, and average linear dimension of 20-30 microns. The bulk density of powder, content of active aluminum and average particle size are not regulated.
Information is up-to-date: 11.03.2021

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